About Us

My Family

Hello, my name is René. I go by many titles these days, mother to my two and a half year old son Kai, wife to Nick, full time business professional and now sewing entrepreneur.  

My passion has always been on the creative side, so part of what currently brings me joy is making something beautiful in addition to helping the community.  Normally I focus my creativity in interior design and various other crafts.  It’s not uncommon for my husband to come home from work to a brand new layout, colour scheme and vision board for a room in our home or for friends and family. He’s amazing though and rolls with it, if fact he's my biggest supporter and he actually cuts every single mask before I sew it!

Currently my evenings are filled with cutting, sewing, and ironing, scouring the internet for quality fabrics that meet requirements and matching them to ensure the final mask actually look great together.  The current pandemic/economic crisis has materials hard to come by so when you see fabrics I’ve chosen know that I’ve done so with care and I’ve likely bought however many yards that the store had or allowed. I’ve said from the get go I don’t want people to feel they have to wear masks made from old bed sheets, curtains or fabrics you would never imagine putting on your face. If you need to go out to grocery shop, visit the doctor or other key essential service, you should feel safe but have something beautiful on your face just as you would pick a hat, gloves or a scarf.

Thank you for stopping by my site, and for buying my masks or anything else I make. Know that every single item is made entirely by me, especially for you.