All your burning questions answered!

 1. What types of fabrics do you use?

  • All our masks are made from 100% tightly woven quilt grade cotton. Some favorite brands I often use are: Moda, Riley Blake, Kauffman, Northcott, Colourworks and Michelle Miller to name a few! 

2. Do you follow any guidelines when making your masks?

  • Yes! I follow the guidelines set by the CDC exactly for all my cotton masks. You can read about them here. I also follow the guidelines set by Canada.ca regarding the sale of fabric face coverings. You may read them here.

3. Do your masks have a pocket for a filter or can you add one for me?

  • Currently none of my masks have filter pockets. Please keep in mind I use extremely thick cotton fabric and breathing would be very difficult with an additional layer. I am currently unable to add filter pockets on demand.

4. Will you make my baby/toddler a mask?

  • I'm sorry, no I can't. The CDC does not recommend masks to be worn by children under 2 years old and I am not comfortable making them for such young children.

5. Where are you located?

  • We are located in Aurora Ontario in Canada. Please note some maps show us as Newmarket Ontario.

6. Can I wash and reuse these masks?

  • Yes!  All our masks are meant to be worn over and over again. Simply wash on a delicate cycle or hand wash. You can reshape and iron your mask after it's dry to make it look like new.

7. Are these medical grade masks?

  • Absolutely not. These are in no way medical devices and are not being represented, sold or portrayed in that way. They are 100% cotton face masks.

8. What kind of ear elastics do you use?

  • We use round nylon elastic cording. These are very light and soft on your ear unlike flat elastic which can cut into your skin and be very uncomfortable. We also use silicone adjusters that make getting the right fit easy!

9. Do you offer shipping?

  • We offer local domestic and international shipping. Currently I am unable to offer shipping to the USA as many packages I have mailed to the US have not arrived or gone missing. Once the borders open up a bit I will gladly ship to our US neighbors.

10. Help! My glasses keep fogging up!

  • This is a tough one. Even doctors struggle with medical masks causing fogging on their glasses. There are tons of tips and tricks on the the internet. A few to try are: Wear your mask upside down or pull your mask higher on your nose and use an anti-fog wipe or spray on your glasses. Use your best judgement with any suggestion made here or found on the internet.

11. Where did you get your pattern?

  • I actually designed my current pattern! Its been a slow evolution. I've taken feedback from many repeat customers as well as careful consideration on my part to make it into the version it is today. If you're looking for a mask template I encourage you to take a look online. Many incredibly talented makers have shared both simple and complex patterns online for free.

12. Do you sew cloths or can you alter my pants/shirt/dress?

  • Thank you for asking! However I am not a professional seamstress. It's always been a hobby and I actually prefer to sew home decor items. If you are local to Aurora Ontario I will gladly refer you to the wonderful seamstress I use for my own cloths when I need alterations services. Just send me a message.
**Our FAQs are updated regularly. Last updated June 5th 2020**