Mask Release Dates

Please note we now operate on a bi-weekly release for our mask collections. This means I'll have more time to make MORE masks but also make other items. (Such as cases, Santa sacks, custom orders and all kinds of exciting new products!)

Upcoming Releases - (remains on Sunday at 10am)

  • Oct 25th - Hocus Pocus
  • Nov 1st - Platoon & Remembrance Day Masks 
  • Nov 5th - Santa Sacks
  • Nov 8th - Remembrance Day Mask Restock & Lanyards
  • Nov 15th - First Frost Collection and NEW Lanyards
  • Nov 29th - A Lot Like Christmas Mask Collection < we are here
  • Nov 30th - Cyber Monday Sales
  • Dec 3rd - Santa Sack Restock (Final restock)
  • Dec13th - Ski Vacation Mask Collection
  • Dec 26th - Boxing Day Sales

Page last updated Nov 28th at 9pm